If you’re preparing for a wedding venue tour, you already have a lot on your mind.


Searching for the perfect spot to say your vows takes time and effort and, by the time you narrow down your choices and schedule a site visit at your favorite facility, you may feel ready to hand over a deposit.


Before you do so, however, you need to check the logistics of the location and make sure the facility meets your needs. Most couples ask plenty of crucial questions, but many forget certain practicalities. Here are five easy-to-miss factors to keep in mind during your wedding venue tour.




Every event facility has restrooms, of course, but don’t assume they’re up to par. Take a look yourself and make sure the space is spotless and contains enough stalls and, if necessary, changing tables. The restrooms should also be close by for easy wedding guest access.


Ceremony Aisle


If you’re visiting an outdoor wedding venue, check for a sturdy aisle path or ceremony aisle runners. Grass is not heel-friendly, and no bride wants walk through a lawn area and risk staining her cherished dress. The guests should also have clear, stable paths to reach their seats.


Ceremony Audio


Whether you’re taking your vows indoors or outdoors, you want your wedding guests to be able to hear the ceremony. And, if your reception will be at the same event facility, the DJ and music need to be audible. To that end, ask the venue coordinator about the audio setup


Facility Sounds


When you’re touring a wedding venue, stop now and then to listen. You need quiet and peaceful surroundings, particularly for the ceremony. Highway sounds, a kitchen noises, a barking dog or other obtrusive sounds could put a damper on your celebration.


Guest Considerations


The day you get married is your special day, but you want all of your guests to enjoy the event as well. As you take a wedding venue tour, consider the parking and guest entrances in terms of accessibility. Also, check the ceremony and reception seating for comfort.


If you’re looking for the ideal northern Utah wedding venue, look no further than Aspen Landing. Our custom-built event facility features elegant indoor spaces and gorgeous outdoor gardens, either of which makes for a beautiful – and practical – setting for a ceremony.


Aspen Landing is also a marvelous location for a wedding reception, as our affordable venue rental price includes a number of must-have party amenities. And, every couple who book our luxury event facility can look forward to personal assistance from an expert wedding coordinator.


For an in-person wedding venue tour of the finest event facility in the greater Salt Lake City area – Aspen Landing – contact us today.

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