If you love a particular holiday and your wedding venue of choice is available on or near that date, booking the facility may make sense. With a holiday theme to your celebration, decorations will be incredibly easy to find and your wedding colors will practically choose themselves. So, in that sense, planning the event will be much easier.

However, before you decide to get married on or around a holiday, give the matter careful thought. Below, the wedding venue event planners at Aspen Landing explain what you need to take into consideration.

Guest Traditions

If you plan your wedding around a major holiday – like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas – many people on your guest list might not be able to attend. Most families have their own traditions, and the date you choose might interfere. You’ll have to accept that at least some of your invitees may not be willing to change their holiday plans to accommodate your wedding.

Vendor Availability

Before you book a wedding venue on or around a family-oriented holiday, check with the vendors you plan to use. Depending upon the date you choose, some may not be open for business. Save yourself from potential headaches — contact your officiant, photographer, florist, cake provider, musicians and any other vendors ahead of time and ask if they’ll be available.

Local Accommodations

When your wedding is on or close to a local or national holiday, your out-of-town guests may have difficulty finding accommodations. Planning far ahead can help, as you may be able to reserve a block of rooms at hotel near your chosen wedding venue. If not, you’ll need to consider alternate arrangements for the friends and family members who want to attend your holiday wedding.

Anniversary Celebrations

Some couples enjoy celebrating their wedding anniversary and a holiday at the same time, and certain holidays – such as Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve – may make anniversaries even more romantic. And other holidays, like Memorial Day and Labor Day, might come with additional time off work, allowing couples to plan three-day getaways for their wedding anniversaries. But, keep in mind that some people find that the holiday diminishes their anniversary celebrations.

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