When choosing your wedding reception center, should you give some thought to the environment?

If protecting the environment important to you and your spouse-to-be, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to choose between booking a luxury wedding venue and hosting an eco-friendly event.

With the right planning, you can host an elegant celebration at a gorgeous venue while being ecologically responsible. For a special day that has little environmental impact, follow our green wedding reception center tips.

Skip the Wedding and Reception Frills

Simplifying is of the best ways to plan an eco-friendly event. As you plan your celebration, eliminate anything that isn’t necessary, and try to cut back on waste. You might wear your mother’s wedding gown instead of buying a dress of your own, for instance, or make your place cards work as wedding favors.

Go Green Whenever You Can

When shopping for your celebration must-haves, opt for eco-friendly versions whenever possible. Flea markets and thrift stores have plenty of treasures that can get a second life as green wedding décor. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by buying from responsible companies or even ask guests for donations to an environmental cause in lieu of gifts. And speaking of guests, make sure you choose recycled paper for your invitations – and skip the fancy inserts.

Choose a Garden Setting Over Fresh Flowers

Exotic blooms are beautiful, but ordering specialty flowers can be detrimental to the environment – many varieties aren’t grown in northern Utah and must be shipped in from far away, which isn’t exactly a green practice. Holding your event in the natural garden setting of a luxury wedding venue means you don’t need to decorate with fresh flowers.

Host Your Wedding and Reception at the Same Venue

While you can have your wedding at one location and the reception somewhere else, hosting both at the same venue cuts travel costs and saves on decorations and event preparations. For the most cost-effective way to keep your celebration green, look for a wedding reception center that offers in-house amenities – the more extras that are included with the venue rental, the less you’ll need to buy or rent.

Do you plan on celebrating your special day in northern Utah? Aspen Landing, a luxury wedding reception center located in scenic Taylorsville, is an ideal venue for a hosting an eco-friendly event.

At Aspen Landing, the affordable venue rental price includes many extras – linens, centerpieces, portrait display easels and much more – and using our in-house décor instead of buying new can help keep your celebration greener. Plus, with our gorgeous gardens and elegant indoor spaces, you won’t have as much of a need for fresh flowers.

Planning an environmentally responsible celebration is easy at Aspen Landing, as every venue rental comes with personal assistance from an expert event coordinator. For more information, or to schedule a guided tour of our luxury wedding reception center, contact us today.

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