Selecting the right northern Utah venue rental for your wedding reception, business party, family reunion or other social gathering is crucial to the success of your event. It might sound dramatic to say, but your choice of event space really can make or break the experience for you and your guests.

Our handy checklist can help ensure that the location you choose is perfect for your event.

No. 1: Can the Venue Meet Your Event Needs?

Most northern Utah venue rental spaces have a maximum comfortable capacity – and you need to make sure this number is high enough to accommodate all of your event guests.

No. 2: What’s Included in the Venue Rental Fee?

Don’t make assumptions about what’s included in the rental price — ask. Some event spaces charge a flat rate that only covers the use of the event space, while others may include basic linens, tables, chairs and more in the venue rental fee.

No. 3: What Amenities Does the Venue Offer?

Find out which amenities the venue offers before booking an event space. You might need audio-visual equipment for a corporate meeting, or centerpieces for a wedding reception. You’ll be better off – and money ahead – if the amenities you require are in-house and free to use.

No. 4: When Are the Deposit and Full Payment Due?

Event spaces typically have due dates for deposits and final payments, and some set up budget timelines to spread out the cost over time. Make sure these dates work for you before booking a venue.

No. 5: What Is the Venue Cancellation Policy?

Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about canceling your event. But, just in case, ask about the venue cancellation policy – and read the fine print in the contract to fully understand the details.

No. 6: Does the Venue Allow Outside Catering?

Some northern Utah event spaces offer onsite catering and bringing in your own food and beverages – other than a wedding cake or alcohol — may not be allowed. Or, you could be allowed to hire a professional outside caterer if you pay an extra fee. In any case, you need to know before renting a venue.

No. 7: What Is the Venue’s Policy on Alcoholic Beverages?

If you want alcohol at your event, ask about bar service. Check to see if the venue rental space has a licensed and insured bartender available and get the details on who’s responsible for providing the glassware, mixers and alcoholic beverages.

No. 8: What Are the Rules on Venue Decorations?

Some event spaces may have restrictions on the types of decorations you can use. Open-flame candles may not be permitted, for instance, and some venues frown on glitter, confetti or anything that’s extra messy. Find out the rules ahead of time, and you could save yourself a few headaches.

Are you in search of an affordable, luxury northern Utah venue rental space? Whether you’re planning a business party, wedding reception, family reunion or any other type of event, Aspen Landing has everything to meet your needs.

Featuring gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces, Aspen Landing is ideal for both small celebrations and large gatherings. Visit our website to take a virtual tour of our elegant, custom-built Taylorsville facility, or contact us today and schedule an appointment to meet with our event coordinator for an in-person venue rental tour.

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