In Utah, weddings and wedding receptions range from casual, intimate affairs to full-scale events with hundreds of attendees.

Brides’ magazines and websites like to list ceremony and reception trends that make more sense on paper than they do in the real world – a “sophisticated whimsy” theme, anyone?

But, for more down-to-earth couples who want to forge their own traditions, these Utah wedding reception trends are a little easier to wrap your arms around.

Bring Bold Color to Your Wedding Reception

The tradition of formal wedding color palettes is waning. Instead, couples are having more fun with bright, bold colors. From neon hues to bright, saturated pastels – like bubblegum pink – brides and grooms are embracing this trend with gusto.

If you don’t feel comfortable adding these cheeky colors to the wedding ceremony itself, incorporate them into your wedding reception. Choose a standard color palette but add one or two coordinating bright hues. Incorporate these alternate colors into table centerpieces, the wedding cake and hall decorations.

Provide Guests with Hashtags for Posting Photos on Social Media

Friends and family attending your wedding reception will take tons of pictures on their smartphones, capturing candid and peripheral moments that your official photographer may miss. Trying to chase that many people for copies of their photos isn’t practical but, if you provide your guests with a unique hashtag, you’ll find your photos wherever they may end up online.

Don’t be shy about sharing your hashtag with guests. Couples use table cards and banners with their hashtag and even ask the DJ or band to make an announcement to inform their guests.

Hire a Live Band Instead of a DJ

Speaking of the band, live music is making a comeback at Utah wedding receptions.

The personal touch of live musicians is quickly overtaking the kitsch and scratchy speaker feedback that characterize the DJ. Don’t worry though, you don’t need a large ensemble. A string quartet, chamber duo or solo performer will bring a unique feel to your event without costing much more than the DJ.

Let’s Put On a Show!

Spend a few moments on YouTube and you’re bound to find the latest viral wedding dance production video. Whether it’s the couples first dance, the father-daughter dance or a dedication from the groomsmen, dancing has been elevated to a new level.

Although this trend isn’t new, it doesn’t appear to be going away either. Traditionalists may grumble about adding a little irreverent fun to the evening but couples say that the dance production provides one of their best wedding reception memories for them.

Don’t worry if you can’t dance. You can take lessons if you prefer or you can just relax, have fun and put together something simple but fun.

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