This year, consider renting a birthday party venue to celebrate that special day.

Maybe you’ve never considered using an event venue to celebrate your – or a loved one’s – natal anniversary but, once you consider the benefits of letting someone else host the festivities, you might be convinced to give it a try.

Whether the birthday honoree is two or 102, using an event venue lets you create a memorable celebration with minimal time, effort or hassle. And you might be surprised at how truly affordable using an event venue can be.

No. 1: Using an Event Venue for a Milestone Birthday Party

If you or someone you love is approaching a milestone birthday, holding their party at an event venue will help create many amazing memories. It will also allow you to enjoy your celebration without the distractions that are common to other venues you may be considering.

A dedicated event venue allows you to plan every element of your event, from start to finish. You can have a DJ, live music, a photographer or any other type of entertainment you like. You can decorate the way you like (within the venue’s reasonable limits, of course) and arrange tables and seating in a way that makes sense for you.

Your guests – and the guest of honor – will feel as honored and special as they deserve on their big day.

No. 2: Hosting a Kids’ Celebration at a Birthday Party Venue

If you’ve ever hosted a well-attended children’s party at your home, you may already appreciate the benefits of using an event venue for the next one.

Kids can kick up their heels and enjoy the party, while their parents can kick back and relax, rather than worry about what havoc their little ones may be wreaking. And, unlike the typical pizza parlor parties, you won’t have to share the space with a dozen other birthday groups.

A birthday party venue also gives you plenty of room to spread out. You can set up a cake table and an area dedicated to presents. If you want to have a clown, princess, mermaid, face painter or another type of entertainer, you’ll have plenty or room for that too.

And, best of all, when the party’s over, you won’t have to deal with trying to restore order to your house.

No. 3: The Convenience of a Full-Service Utah Birthday Party Venue

We might be a little biased, but we believe that Aspen Landing is the best event venue in northern Utah – and it’s perfect for any size or type of birthday celebration.

Our elegant yet casual space can accommodate parties up to 300 (100 if you want to host a sit-down dinner), with options for staging your celebration indoors or outside in our lush, private patio area. We have all the tables, chairs, décor and A/V equipment you need and – for a truly value-added experience – we include the services of our event planner for no extra cost!

We also have catering and beverage service available, so you won’t have to hassle with hiring a caterer or making the food yourself.

With a convenient location and a large, dedicated parking lot, your guests will love the convenience as much as they enjoy your birthday celebration in our beautiful venue. And, with our affordable and straightforward pricing, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to celebrate that special day.

Contact Aspen Landing today to schedule your private tour, or to book your special celebration at our Taylorsville birthday party venue.

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