A new year is upon us, any many will be hoping certain parts of 2021 will be different from the previous one. With social distancing and related changes to major areas of life still in effect, though in changing ways, fields like the event landscape are preparing for another unique year.

At Aspen Landing, we’re happy to host a variety of event types in our fantastic venues, from corporate events to birthday parties, family reunions and wedding receptions. We’ve adapted to the changes required in our industry to keep people safe and healthy, and we’ll continue to do so moving into 2021. Here are a few of the top trends we expect to dominate the 2021 event landscape and how our event venues are accommodating them.

Breakout Rooms and Dividers

For events where large groups will be present, there remains a need for social distancing and safety. There are a few ways event organizers and promoters are dealing with this and will continue to through this year:

  • Breakout rooms: Different rooms often utilized in various corporate or business events, these are perfect for larger groups who need to be separated.
  • Table sections: When attendees at an event are seated, spread tables into sections with proper distance between them.
  • Dividers: Organizers may also utilize dividers to create an effect of similar rooms without actually forcing attendees to move too far.

Outdoor Promotion

While this is tougher during parts of the winter in places like Utah, there’s a definite continuing emphasis in the event space on outdoor events. The open air allows for much greater safety and also allows for less hassle in terms of dividers and other separation. If possible, look to combine outdoor options with indoor spaces during this colder part of the year.

Hybrid Formats

The rise of the virtual event has been very real in 2020, and as we slowly hope for an eventual return to normal, something of a hybrid will often be appropriate early in 2021. Smaller numbers of guests may still be invited to in-person events, but organizers are also looking for intelligent ways to broadcast them to others who cannot or should not attend in person. There are many virtual broadcast methods to take advantage of, from Zoom to several others that allow you to reach an audience anywhere.


Given the above and certain other related areas, it’s vital for both your venue and organizers to be tech-friendly and tech-savvy. Venues should have all the proper technology outfitted, from basics like Wi-Fi and projector screens to the proper wiring, connections and other items. Organizers should have expertise on how to utilize these items, plus knowledge of online broadcast methods and any others that are used.

For more on the 2021 trends that will define event organization, or to learn about any of our event venue features or services, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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