In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on throwing a fantastic fundraiser event. These are always excellent events to be a part of, both for the good causes they tend to support and the kinds of good work they help engender.

At Aspen Landing, our event venues are ideal for a wide variety of event types, from corporate events and birthday parties to weddings and many fundraisers and galas. Not only will we provide you an ideal space for any type or size of fundraiser you’re interested in throwing, we’ll also assist with numerous important planning themes as you move toward the date of the event. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few additional tips on throwing a successful fundraiser event.

Venue and Need Matching

We went over basic themes like budgeting and audience draws in part one; once you have these areas handled and you have a better idea of your expected audience, it’s time to begin matching related needs here with your ideal venue. Some of the top variables you should be considering when it comes to choosing your fundraiser venue:

  • Size and seating capacity for guests
  • Kitchen and related facility capacity based on guest and food needs
  • General aesthetics and mood, and whether they fit your theme
  • Presence or lack of tech like A/V equipment, Wi-Fi and other potential areas
  • Easy access to attendees, including those with movement issues
  • Does venue booking include areas like on-site staff and cleanup, or will these areas be covered by the organizer?

Sales and Marketing Themes

Marketing is a vital part of the equation when planning a fundraising event or gala of any kind. You should section off a portion of the event budget for these areas, including things like marketing emails and various other forms of advertising – social media is another that’s often particularly useful, plus can help elicit donations to the cause.

The same theme should be present for the actual event. There should be procedures for everything from ticket sales to accepting donations, selling raffle tickets or any related area. Determine in advance if you’ll offer special pricing levels or VIP access for additional donations, plus who will be in charge of organizing these areas.

Scheduling and Organization

As you’re finalizing plans and the date of the event is getting closer, ensure everyone involved in the fundraiser knows their role and responsibilities. This ranges from catering and event staff to other organizers, all of whom should have an idea of the event’s schedule and the role they play in helping keep it.

Thank You Notes

Finally, you want to make a lasting impression that will allow you to throw future fundraisers with similar success. One great tip here is ensuring you send thank-you notes or some other kind of token to attendees to show your appreciation, something that’s expected at many such events. We also recommend similar thanks given to all staff who assist in throwing the event.

For more on throwing a successful fundraiser, or to learn about any of our wedding receptions or other event venues, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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