We’re proud to host many event types in our corporate event venue space at Aspen Landing, from company parties to major conferences, leadership meetings or a variety of others. One of our favorites here, however, whether thrown by a company, an individual or some other entity, is a fundraiser for a great cause.

For organizers of a group fundraiser considering our venue, we’re happy to help with dual tracks of thought here: How to throw a great event, of course, but also how to attract the right guests and raise robust sums for the cause you’re promoting. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over a number of fundraiser themes to keep in mind for organizers, from the budget and target fund goal to numerous other details to keep an eye on.

Purpose and Goals

First and foremost, it’s important to note that many fundraisers or related events will carry multiple purposes in one. The fundraiser itself might even be a secondary element, with the primary goal being to market or otherwise showcase your company, foundation or other entity. In other cases, the event will be primarily as a reach-out to another network or group.

Regardless, if fundraising is a major element of the event, you should take the time to go over the general fundraising goal at play. This goal will be based on your expected attendance and other related factors, minus your expenses for the event (unless the event is being funded by a donor).

General Budget Themes

In addition to your fundraising goal, you should be going over a detailed list of all the expenses that will be present for your event. This will include basic themes like event setup and any rentals needed, plus staff, invitations, catering and any entertainment you plan to arrange for.

In addition, if your event involves out-of-town guests, you may need to organize transportation to and from the venue. You may also have to think about security for events of a certain size or importance.

Audience Draws

As you move forward with your planning, you will want to identify your target audience for the event. You want to target potential supporters of the cause, including those with deeper pockets who have shown a willingness to contribute to charitable causes in the past.

And as you’re making this list, look for themes that will help draw in the guests you’re targeting. Consider expert speakers, for instance, or a celebrity honoree. Other event organizers will look to entertainment options like a band or performer.

Who’s in Charge?

Near the start of your event planning, you should firmly determine who is in charge here. For companies or foundations, a committee might be formed to plan the event, possibly with a chairperson. In other cases, a single person will be in charge of organizing and delegating tasks to others.

For more on setting up a charitable event or fundraiser, or to learn about any of our wedding receptions or other event venues, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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