When it comes to a wedding reception, a top priority should be ensuring the bride and groom get a major say in the customization of the space. The best wedding reception venues are open to plenty of personalization, allowing the two primary participants in the wedding to put their stamp on every major part of the festivities.

At Aspen Landing, we’re happy to offer Salt Lake City’s preferred wedding reception venue, an award-winning facility built to offer both privacy and flexibility for all our clients. There are numerous distinct ideas you might consider when it comes to personalizing your wedding reception, but we’d prefer to zoom out a bit and focus on a few of the bigger themes often present within the space and layout for your reception. Here are some broad areas to keep in mind during the venue selection and design process.

Focal Points

When it comes to properly apportioning your space and “fitting” it to the number of guests present at the reception, one of the top themes many wedding designers and clients look to is known as focal points. These are dramatic, significant decoration themes that not only take up some of the space in the room, but also help break it up and separate various areas for people to be in.

For instance, many wedding receptions will utilize flooring of some type, most commonly a hardwood insert, to signal the “dance floor” area, usually in a central spot. Other such focal points may include drink or food stations, the DJ booth or even a dessert table in the area somewhere.

Colors and Incorporation

One of the main design themes you’ll be considering for the entire wedding is color schemes, and these should be incorporated into the reception in several ways. The best reception venues, like ours, will generally be neutral when it comes to color – this allows you to set whatever theme you’re interested in. Consider both prominent and minor ways to infuse your colors, from napkin place-card trim to colored tablecloths, drapes and other noticeable themes.

Higher Centerpieces

In some wedding circumstances, particularly if your venue has a flooring type you aren’t a huge fan of, you can consider visual centerpieces like lights, strings and others to keep the focus at a higher level. These also help people interact with each other among groups who may not have met.

Kid Themes

Finally, if you know there will be at least several children present at your reception, we recommend considering a kids’ area that’s designated for them. Those who have been to weddings with kids can speak to how destructive and distracting they can be if they have nowhere to congregate and get some of their energy out, so give some thought to this ahead of time.

For more on personalizing your wedding reception venue, or to learn about any of our event venue or other services, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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