As Utah’s premier wedding venue, we get a lot of questions about planning the perfect ceremony. One of the most common concerns among our brides is the wedding processional order.

So, who walks when? As with every part of your wedding and reception, the order everyone goes down the aisle is customizable. But if you’re looking for a general guideline, here’s a suggested processional order from the wedding venue experts at Aspen Landing.

Wedding Officiant

Your officiant should be the first person in the wedding venue processional order. Their entry signals your guests that the ceremony is about to begin.


If present, the groom’s grandmother and grandfather should walk next and sit in the first row on the right side of the aisle. The bride’s grandparents should follow, sitting in the first row on the left.

Parents of the Groom

Next in the wedding venue processional order are the parents of the groom. After going down the aisle, they should sit next to the groom’s grandparents.

Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride is next in the processional line, escorted to her seat next to the bride’s grandparents by a family member or usher.


Now comes the groom, walking down the aisle on his own. Once he reaches the front of the wedding venue, he can take his place on the right hand side of the officiant.

Wedding Party

When it comes to the processional order for your wedding party, you have options. You can send the groomsmen and bridesmaids down the aisle in pairs, starting with those who will be standing furthest from the bride and ending with the Maid or Matron of Honor. Or, you can have the groomsmen walk first, followed by the bridesmaids, using the same order.

Ring Bearer

Next up in the wedding processional order is the ring bearer – though you can send the real rings with the Best Man if you like. After walking, the ring bearer can stand up front with the wedding party or take a seat with his parents.

Flower Girl

The flower girl is the next one to go down the aisle, and her entry lets everyone know that the bride is about to be here. After the flower girl walks, she can either stand with the wedding party or sit with her parents.

Bride and Her Escort

The last one in the processional order is, of course, the bride. Typically, the bride walks with her father, but she can choose another escort – a brother or a stepfather, for example – if her father isn’t present.

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