If you’re searching for a family reunion venue, you’ve no doubt noticed that you have quite a few choices. So, deciding where to hold your gathering can be a definite challenge.

To make the task easier, follow this step-by-step guide from the professional event planners at Aspen Landing.

Step 1: Decide on a Location

First of all, consider which city or region is best for most of the family members who will be attending the reunion. You can either go with a location that’s convenient or a scenic locale that everyone wants to visit.

Step 2: Think About the Date

Next, determine the time of year to hold your family reunion. The best time is when most of your relatives will be able to attend, so check around if you aren’t sure about availability. Don’t choose a date just yet, however – that step comes a bit later.

Step 3: Run the Numbers

How many guests will attend? And how much money is each contributing? Figure out your total budget, and you’ll have an idea of the family reunion venue rental price you can afford. But keep in mind, many event venues include amenities in their rental fees.

Step 4: Consider the Necessities

You may want a facility with indoor and outdoor spaces in case of rain, for example. And, you may need easy proximity to hotels, in-house décor or audio-visual equipment. Think about your must-haves ahead of time, and choosing a family reunion venue will be easier.

Step 5: Narrow the Options

Now, do a general search for event venues in the location you have chosen. Check the websites of the facilities you find, and eliminate any that cost too much (factoring in any included amenities, of course) and those that don’t offer your necessities. Call each facility, too, and make sure they have dates open at the time of year you need.

Step 6: Schedule Venue Tours

Once you have a short list of potential event venues for your family reunion, schedule in-person tours of each facility. Bring a list of questions with you, and document your site visits with photos and notes. That way, you can easily compare the venues and decide which one best meets your needs.

Are you planning to hold your family reunion in northern Utah? Aspen Landing, located in scenic Taylorsville, is a custom-built event venue with gorgeous indoor spaces and outdoor garden areas. Our venue rental fee includes several important amenities – including tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, décor and audio-visual equipment – and when you book a gathering at our facility, you get the services of a professional event planner, free of charge.

Take a virtual tour of our luxury northern Utah event venue online, or contact Aspen Landing today and make an appointment to stop by and view our family reunion venue in person.

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