There are numerous elements to cover when planning your wedding, and budget is at or near the top of the list for virtually every couple. Setting a realistic budget and sticking to it throughout the wedding planning process is vital for ensuring the event will be exactly what you desire without causing financial strain.

As Salt Lake City’s preferred wedding destination, we at Aspen Landing offer a comprehensive, full-service wedding experience that includes a professional wedding coordinator and several other factors that will help you set and stick to your budget. There are numerous ways to save money and stick within your budget without sacrificing a single bit of quality or beauty you desire – this two-part blog series will go over some of the top themes and tips we recommend to our clients on a regular basis.

Discuss Finances Initially

For starters, the budget and overall finances should be discussed by you and your significant other early on in the process. In many cases, these conversations will also involve others who will be involved in budgeting for the event, such as parents or anyone else providing funds.

You don’t necessarily have to finalize every distinct area at this time, but getting a broad idea of your realistic budget and how far it can stretch is very important. This will allow you to move forward with a basic foundation, making the rest of the process simpler.

Review and Verify

After you’ve gone over initial budgeting basics, give these numbers a few days to marinate in everyone’s mind. Then re-evaluate and verify you’re comfortable with all the elements, ensuring no one has dissent in major areas.

Dividing into Categories

As you begin to delve into the nitty-gritty of this process, it’s time to start breaking up your budgeting areas a bit more distinctly. There will be certain expense areas that naturally go together – you’ll put items like venue costs, food and drink into one bin type, while you might consider items like bride and groom attire another category altogether. There are numerous such potential designations, including entertainment areas like video or photography, centerpieces and other items, and even money set aside for wedding favors and unexpected expenses.

Determining Who Pays

One thing it’s vital to be clear on as you begin breaking things up and delineating items on the budget: Who is covering certain expenses. Many weddings involve financial contributions from several sources, including multiple families, and we cannot tell you the drama we’ve seen when couples and their families mix these areas up. Be 100% sure everyone contributing fully understands what they’re responsible for and will have the required funds when needed. For more on properly budgeting for your wedding, or to learn about any of our wedding venues or other corporate event services, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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