In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips on what to do in the immediate aftermath of a successful engagement. Couples might have a million different thoughts going through their heads after such a wonderful life event as an engagement, from informing family and friends to beginning the earliest stages of planning for an eventual wedding.

At Aspen Landing, we’re proud to offer our beautiful northern Utah facility as an ideal location for wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies and all other related wedding events. Our team has helped numerous couples and their families plan the wedding of their dreams, including those who were only recently engaged and are starting from the ground up. Today’s part two will go over a few additional themes you should consider right after an engagement as you dig into early wedding planning areas.

Venue Research

After you’ve set a wedding date, which we went over in part one, it’s time to begin researching the wedding venues you have the most interest in for your wedding. This can be a lengthy process in some cases, one that requires patience and a willingness to research several venues to find the ideal one.

As you’re looking into venues, make a list of your top priorities for the location. Some are laser-focused on amenities and facilities, for instance, while others only really care about the setting and the view and will have other details as secondary factors. You and your fiancée should agree on your most important priorities ahead of time.

Guest List

Some couples work on their guest list before they select a venue, and this is entirely reasonable: They may be looking into certain venues that have limited guest capacity, for instance, and waiting until they finalize the guest count to make this choice.

In many other cases, though, you can enter the venue selection process with a general range of expected guests, then finalize this at a later point. This is often easier for those inviting large swaths of family and friends, as individual availability may play a big role in dictating your final guest count – and you may not know everyone’s availability until much closer to the big day.

Budgeting Themes

Throughout this process, you should keep a careful eye on budgetary themes and how your choices impact them. Once again, we recommend prioritizing your top cost elements and working down from there, including several areas where you might be willing to sacrifice or spend a bit less if the budget gets tight. In cases where family will be assisting with covering wedding costs, you should have a clear idea of how much assistance you can expect from these outside sources as you perform various planning tasks.

For more on what to do after getting engaged, or to learn about any of our wedding venue or event venue services, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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