If you’ve recently become engaged, congratulations! This is one of the happiest times imaginable for many couples, though it’s often directly followed by the need to begin planning. There may be a huge variety of areas you begin thinking about soon after getting engaged, from a proper wedding venue to setting a date, making a guest list and numerous other areas.

At Aspen Landing, we’re proud to serve as a gorgeous venue for wedding receptions and other wedding programs throughout the year, and we’ve assisted numerous clients with important planning stages for their upcoming wedding. While you might feel like making a million calls and staying up all night planning things right after getting engaged, this two-part blog series will dig into several of the most prudent areas to consider in the immediate aftermath of such a wonderful event.

Spread the News

First and foremost, don’t delay in spreading the great news! One prominent recommendation in today’s age of social media and online activity: Inform close family and friends through more personal methods, whether a phone call or a physical conversation if they’re in the same location as you. Don’t leave your parents, for instance, to learn of your engagement on Facebook.

In some cases, couples purposely choose to wait a day or two here to increase the surprise. Maybe they’re planning to see or speak with several family members in the upcoming days or weeks.

Ring Sizing and Insurance

In many cases, one spouse will have picked an engagement ring for the other without them present. And while you’d hope spouses trust each other when it comes to ring design and aesthetics, one area that can be tough to shop for while maintaining the element of surprise is ring sizing. If you’re in such a position, ensure your ring is properly-sized relatively soon so you don’t risk losing it.

In addition, we strongly recommend purchasing insurance for any high-value engagement ring. This insurance can often be bundled with other car or home insurance programs, or you can purchase it individually through many jewelry-specific insurance companies. It’s always good to be protected in case something happens to your ring.

Setting a Date

Once you’ve handled some of these basic tasks, you can begin thinking about certain wedding details, starting with a date range. Most couples will at least have a general idea of the time of year in which they want to be married, and some may have already discussed specific or meaningful dates to themselves or family members. Keep basic travel needs in mind, plus consider major holidays and other family dates that you’ll want to avoid to ensure everyone can attend the wedding. For more on actions to take immediately after getting engaged, or to learn about any of our wedding venue or other event venue services, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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