Are you looking for the ideal business party venue? The earlier you begin your search, the easier time you’ll have finding an event space that meets your needs. Plus, by booking in advance, you’ll have more time for party planning.

Choosing a venue can be a challenge, even if you narrow down the options to northern Utah facilities. To help you find a business party venue that truly meets your needs, consider the following.


Does the party venue have a dedicated parking lot?

If an event space doesn’t have its own lot – or if the number of parking spaces is on the low side – you may want to look elsewhere. Sure, you could reserve a nearby lot and offer valet parking, but that will increase your costs.


How many guests can the event facility accommodate?

Every business party venue has a maximum capacity, and due to fire and safety codes, you cannot go over this number. Before booking an event space, check your guest list and make sure the facility can comfortably fit all of your invitees.


Is the event venue’s floor plan fit for your business party?

Look at the layout, and consider whether it will work for the event activities you are planning. Think about the flow of traffic, the seating and whether the facility has ample space for a stage, bar or any other elements your party requires.


Will your party guests be able to hear each other?

Whether you plan on having keynote speakers or simply want your invitees to be able to chat without straining their hearing, a party venue with good acoustics is essential. Look for facilities where sound can travel easily – so, avoid low ceilings and warehouse-style spaces.


Does the event venue rental fee include any amenities?

Some facilities have tables, chairs, linens and centerpieces that you can use without an additional charge. Others may have audio-visual equipment available for those who rent the space, or catering services may be a part of the price. And a select few – including Aspen Landing – offer all of these amenities and more. To keep your costs low, book an event facility that provides the amenities you need.

If you’re looking for an affordable northern Utah event venue that’s perfect for a business party, consider Aspen Landing.

Located in scenic Taylorsville, Utah, Aspen Landing is a custom-built event facility that features elegant indoor spaces and gorgeous outside gardens. Our venue rental fee includes a number of important amenities – and when you book a business party at Aspen Landing, you also get the services of an expert event planner, free of charge.

Take a virtual tour of our event facility online, or contact Aspen Landing today to schedule an appointment to come by and view our business party venue in person.

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