Planning the type of wedding reception you’ve always wanted may not be easy. But if you’re hoping for an eco-friendly event, you’re in luck – the professional team at Aspen Landing has some great tips on how to plan a green gathering.

Follow our advice, and you’ll feel good about benefitting the environment on your big day. What’s more, you will likely also save money on your event. Here are our best ideas for a green wedding reception.

Choose Eco-Friendly Invitations

Instead of formal, multi-layered invitations, choose a simple recycled version. You could also send online invitations and eliminate the paper altogether, but be aware that older guests and those who are less tech-savvy may not realize they were invited.

Skip the Flowers — Go For a Garden Setting

Flowers from a florist are not eco-friendly, as many varieties are grown and shipped from far away. Look for a wedding reception center with a garden setting – like Aspen Landing – and you won’t need flowers to liven up and beautify the space.

Rent or Borrow Your Event Decorations

Going out and buying all new decorations has the opposite effect of going green – and it also takes a lot of green. To save money and the environment, rent your décor. Better yet, book your event at a wedding reception center where you can borrow the in-house decorations.

Rethink Your Wedding Favors

Did you know that many people leave wedding favors behind or throw them away when they get home? If you want to give your guests a gift before they go, consider an edible treat or a plantable favor, such as a seed packed or small potted plant.

Don’t Serve an Abundance of Food

Everyone needs to eat, but you don’t want tons of wasted food. Go for quality over quantity, and plan the menu with thought toward what your guests will enjoy. A dessert buffet is usually a crowd-pleaser, or consider serving a light dinner buffet.

Choose the Right Wedding Reception Center

If you opt for an event venue that has much of what you need in place for your reception, you’ll have an easier time keeping your celebration green.

Book your event at Aspen Landing, located in northern Utah, and your wedding reception center rental price will include many of the extras you might be looking for – including tables and chairs, linens, centerpieces and decorations. And with our gorgeous outdoor gardens and elegant indoor décor, you won’t even need flowers.

Planning a green gathering is easy at Aspen Landing, as the services of an expert event coordinator comes with your event venue rental. Take a virtual tour of our facility online, or contact us and schedule a guided tour of our luxury wedding reception center in Taylorsville, Utah, today.

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