Is it time to find a business party venue for your next company gathering? Finding the ideal spot can help ensure the success of your event.

Unfortunately, tracking down the perfect place to host a company gathering can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how professional event planners recommend taking on the task.


Search for Local Party Venues

A logical first step to finding the right business party venue is to narrow down the options by location.

Decide on the general area for your company gathering, but don’t limit your search to a particular city. So, instead of looking for a venue rental in, say, Salt Lake City, broaden the scope to Salt Lake County or northern Utah. That way, you’ll see event spaces located in smaller nearby cities, too.

Consider Your Business Party Agenda

Once you have a list of local party venue rental options, your next step is to think about the logistics of your event.

Depending upon the type of company gathering you’re planning, you may need a venue with both large and small meeting rooms. Or, if your agenda is more informal, you might prefer an event facility with free-flowing indoor and outdoor spaces. Take every venue rental that doesn’t have a logistically-acceptable layout off of your list.

Check Party Venue Availability

You may still have several event spaces on your list at this point. To further narrow down the options, check their availability.

Chances are, you may already have a date in mind for your company gathering. Any venue rental that is booked up on that date obviously cannot accommodate your business party – which means you can strike the event space from your list.

Compare Party Venue Pricing

By now, you may have just a few local venues on your list. Before you schedule in-person site visits, take a look at their pricing to make sure each fits your party budget.

When comparing business party venue rental prices, be sure to consider what’s included. Some fees are only for the use of the event space, while other venues offer a number of amenities for free when you book the facility. This can make a huge difference in the overall cost of your company gathering.

Are you looking for an affordable business party venue in northern Utah? Consider Aspen Landing, a custom-built event facility located in scenic Taylorsville.

With expansive outdoor gardens and luxurious indoor spaces, Aspen Landing is the ideal setting for company gatherings – and, our venue rental price includes a range of important amenities, including dining tables, event décor, professional catering and audio-visual equipment. Plus, if you book your business party at Aspen Landing, you’ll also get personal assistance from an expert event planner.

Visit the Aspen Landing website to take a virtual tour of our elegant indoor and outdoor venue rental spaces. Or, to schedule a time to see our northern Utah business party venue in-person, contact us today.

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