Hosting an event at a family reunion venue is an excellent way to reconnect with far-flung relatives – everyone can take a break from their busy lives and get to know each other while enjoying a meal and taking part in fun activities.

At Aspen Landing, we know that a reunion is a special occasion for any family. We also know that planning a great event isn’t easy, particularly when lots of relatives live out of town. To make your gathering a perfect party for everyone who attends, follow our family reunion venue planning tips.

Start Family Reunion Planning Early

Coordinating the logistics of a reunion for relatives who live all around the country – or even across the globe — takes a great deal of time and effort. If you’re in charge of planning the next family gathering, give yourself at least 12 months to make everything happen.

Choose the Right Reunion Venue

Your first step in reunion planning should be to find an ideal location for the event. The choice of reception center is critical to the overall success of the family gathering. Look for a conveniently-located reunion venue rental with adequate space and ample amenities – and make sure the location is suited for guests of all ages.

Vote on a Family Reunion Theme

Once you’ve found the perfect family reunion venue, you should start thinking about decorations. Choosing a theme can help simplify the process, while also making the event more distinctive and memorable. Brainstorm a few options, then put the ideas to vote – creating a social media poll is an easy way to get input from a large number of relatives.

Share Ideas for Reunion Activities

For a successful reunion that’s fun for everyone, you need to plan a range of activities. Families with young children have different interests than retired couples and single adults, which means a variety of entertainment options is a must. To make activity planning easier, share your ideas on social media, and encourage your relatives to offer up their own suggestions.

Get Help with Reunion Planning

Try to tackle reunion planning on your own, and you can easily get overwhelmed. From choosing a venue rental and sending invitations to planning the decorations and activities, it’s a lot to take on – and we haven’t even talked about the need to plan out the menu, help out-of-towners with travel accommodations and budget for the event. Put your family members to work, and ask talented relatives for help with the party planning.

As one of the most popular family reunion venues in northern Utah, Aspen Landing has seen plenty of happy get-togethers, with families large and small gathering to reconnect and make new memories.

Our affordable luxury reception center offers a number of amenities, including linens, dining tables and audio-visual equipment, which can cut your event costs. And, if you book your celebration at Aspen Landing, you have professional help with the planning — every venue rental includes the service of our expert event coordinator.

Visit the Aspen Landing website for a virtual tour of our gorgeous gardens and elegant indoor spaces. Or, to schedule a personal, guided tour of our Taylorsville family reunion venue, contact us today.

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