Once you’ve booked the perfect family reunion venue, you’ll need to decide on decorations. To simplify the process, party planners recommend that you start by choosing a theme for your event.

A theme makes choosing decorations much simpler and, with a fun focus, the party will be much more memorable for your guests. And, announcing a reunion theme will create buzz about the event and get people excited about attending.

Here are five of our favorite family reunion themes to consider for your next gathering.

No. 1: All-American Family

Show off your family’s love for the U.S.A. with your reunion venue decorations!

Pick up flags, banners, bandanas and streamers – really, anything that’s red, white and blue – and turn your family reunion venue into a patriotic party scene. Tell everyone to dress like it’s July 4th, and don’t forget to serve up some apple pie for dessert!

No. 2: Retro Reunion

Pick an era and let it inspire your reunion venue decorations.

Whether you prefer the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, look for family pictures and posters to represent the decade. Guests can dress in festive outfits from that era and you can make a playlist of the decade’s top hits, to make for a real retro party feel.

No. 3: Family History

Celebrating your roots makes for a fun family reunion.

Your guests will love strolling around and seeing family photos from years gone by. Ask relatives to send you some of their favorite images, which you can print out for easy venue decorations. Add a family tree and make customized t-shirts for all the guests. To record the memories, plan a family photo shoot while you’re all in one place.

No. 4: Sports Celebration

Is your family filled with sports enthusiasts?

Ask everyone to wear their favorite team jersey or t-shirt, and decorate the family reunion facility with pennants, sports posters, pom-poms and foam fingers. Set up a few fun athletic events – like cornhole, tetherball, ring toss, volleyball, tug-of-war and ladder golf – and you’ll be all set!

No. 5: Western Hoedown

An old-fashioned, rip-roarin’ hoedown can be a fun family reunion theme.

Red-and-white checkered tablecloths and bales of hay bring a country-western feel, and you can print off wanted posters that feature pictures of your relatives. Guests can wear cowboy gear, and everyone can take part in a game of horseshoes or a pie-eating contest.

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