In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the different types of corporate events often thrown in our space. There are several different such varieties out there depending on what your business is looking to accomplish, including some that cover multiple bases at once.

At Aspen Landing, corporate events are one of several ideal uses of our high-quality event venues, where we’ve hosted numerous businesses and organizations for a variety of gatherings. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few additional event types that are popular among businesses for a variety of reasons.

Celebration or Appreciation

In many cases, the best corporate events are those held to celebrate some kind of milestone. Maybe the company has reached 10 years in operation, for instance, or perhaps you’ve recently surpassed a major income or customer benchmark. Reward employees and the company as a whole for these sorts of successes, and show them you appreciate them with an event.

In other cases, you can hold an internal company event as a form of appreciation – even if there’s no specific milestone to celebrate. Some companies do this every year, whether as a holiday celebration or some other type. Going the extra mile for employees in ways like this is a fantastic way to show you care and value them.

Shareholder Events and Board Meetings

In other situations, corporate events will be for more official purposes that pertain to the overall direction of the business. The common types her are board meetings or shareholder events, which will vary in size somewhat significantly between companies. These will generally involve top company executives and related positions, and will include evaluations of the business and important deliberations about future direction. These events also often include election of new leadership or similar programs.

Recruiting Events

Many companies are always on the hunt for new talent, and hosting a recruiting event is one excellent way to draw it in. Recruitment events serve two distinct purposes: Firstly, they put potential additions in front of you and allow you to learn more about them; secondly, they allow these individuals to become familiar with your brand and learn more about you. That way, if you decide to make an offer to them down the line, they’ll already know what you’re about and you’ll get a head start on the entire process.

Black Tie Events

Finally, there are black tie formal events, which can be used for a few of the different event types we’ve gone over here. Charity events are often held in format attire, for instance, and some businesses will maintain this dress code for events like product launches or major celebrations.

For more on the kinds of events you can throw in our corporate event venue, or to learn about any of our event venue or wedding reception services, speak to the staff at Aspen Landing today.

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