With the pandemic still upon us, more people are gravitating toward holding events in beautifully landscaped outdoor venues in Salt Lake City, such as Aspen Landing. But when booking a location, it can be easy to overlook certain things that could impact your event. What’s worse is that when you are trying to make a good impression, a single failed occasion can tarnish your reputation. Continue reading to find out the typical mistakes you should avoid when selecting a venue.

What Is an Outdoor Venue?

But first, what is considered an outdoor venue? It’s not clearly defined. But if your aim is to follow the CDC’s guidelines in setting up safe outdoor seating for an event, you just need to ensure that the space is big enough for physical distancing at six feet apart.

What Are the Major Considerations for Events Held Outdoors?

Here are some points you should consider when selecting outdoor venues in Salt Lake City for your next corporate event or social gathering.

1. Access for those with disabilities

Everyone, including those with disabilities, should be able to navigate your venue smoothly. Ensure parking spaces have enough room to accommodate differently abled people and that there are designated slots for them that are labeled accordingly. Check if there are trained staff to assist them if necessary.

2. Toilet-to-guest ratio

It sounds pretty basic, but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook this detail. You need to ensure that there are enough toilets to accommodate your guests. And if there aren’t, consider supplementing with portable toilets to avoid long lines and inconvenience to your attendees.

3. Power source

Another thing people tend to overlook is the venue’s power capacity. Setting up talks and performances outdoors may require you to confirm that the power supply and audio and lighting equipment are adequate for your needs.

4. Suitability

There are many outdoor venues in Salt Lake City that get good reviews, so it’s tempting to book one for your affair randomly, especially if you are in a pinch. However, you should still consider the suitability of the venue for your event. Do a thorough inspection of the place you are looking to book as well as its amenities and policies to ensure you are making the right choice.

5.  In-venue contingency plan

The weather isn’t always good for outdoor events. That’s why it’s helpful to know the approach of the events place team in managing situations like this. If it’s not handled correctly, you may end up with a sloppy event and disappointed attendees. So do the smart thing, ask them about their back-up plans and decide whether it is something you can work around, should the need arise. Shopping around for your next outdoor corporate event or party venue in Salt Lake City? Check out Aspen Landing. Book your appointment for a tour today.

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