Of all the wedding venues in Salt Lake City, Aspen Landing is assuredly one of the best options for a beautiful outdoor wedding – especially in the spring!

Right now, we are in the middle of our fall wedding season – a truly magical time. The leaves are changing color and the air has turned cooler, making for a naturally beautiful backdrop for nuptials. The days end earlier, and our twinkling light strings illuminate our outdoor wedding reception area with a soft glow. If guests get chilly, they can wander inside and warm themselves by the crackling fire in our stone fireplace.

As much as we enjoy the autumn season – and the winter to follow with gently falling snowflakes and a crisp chill in the air – we are already planning for spring at our venue. Although weddings are held year-round, spring is still traditionally the busy season in the wedding industry, and we spend all winter getting ready for it!

Why do people love spring weddings so much?

1. The weather is nice

You may want to have the flexibility to wear a short-sleeve or strapless gown, and in the springtime, you can expect the weather to be pleasantly warm while still being free of the overbearing heat summer brings. This gives you more flexibility with your choices for bridesmaids’ dresses as well, and it makes for beautiful pictures.

2. It’s the season of renewal

Spring is the season of rebirth; all the plants and animals that have been hibernating for the winter are emerging again and the spring holidays are in full swing. It’s the perfect time for a celebration!

3. People are happy to get outside again

Friends and family love a spring wedding because they have been tired of staying cooped up inside all winter. They can’t wait to get dressed up and join in a joyous event!

4. Flowers are in bloom

You can’t ask for a more spectacularly beautiful season for flowers than springtime. The garden at our wedding venue is awash in color from the first warm day in March through the end of October. Pastel pinks, pale yellows and delicate orchids are the backdrop to every spring wedding at Aspen Landing.

5. It’s a great time for a honeymoon

Even tropical destinations can be iffy in the winter, and they might be too hot in the summer as well. Spring is the perfect time to have your wedding and head off to a blissfully perfect honeymoon.

If you’re planning a springtime wedding in Salt Lake City, talk to the experienced staff here at Aspen Landing. We can fill you in on all the details of what we can do for you at our wedding venue on your most special day. Check out our menu offerings, take an online tour of the property and make an appointment to come see our wedding venue in person. Reserve early for the best choice of dates.

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