If you’re preparing to select a wedding venue for your special day, you’re probably excited about doing some site visits.

A reception venue site visit gives you the opportunity to see the location in person and to get answers to all the important questions. To make the most of your site visits, follow these four pro wedding planner tips.

No. 1: Limit Your Wedding Venue Site Visits

If you’re like most couples planning a wedding, you’ve identified a few potential wedding and reception venues – or a few dozen.

You may believe this will help you keep your options open, or that you’ll recognize “the one” when you see it. Wedding planners strongly discourage using this approach for any aspect of the planning process, but especially for venue selection.

Don’t even bother visiting any location that doesn’t offer every item on your “must have” list. If you can find two or three Utah reception venues that meet all your criteria – especially budget – you will have more than enough to choose from.

No. 2: Schedule Your Site Visits in Advance

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many potential brides (and grooms) show up unannounced at venues, hoping to catch a glimpse of an actual event.

This is a bad idea because the venue staff will be otherwise occupied, taking care of that day’s wedding party, and you’ll be intruding on someone else’s special day.

Instead, call the reception center well in advance, to schedule a time when you can meet with the facility’s coordinator and get a full tour of its amenities.

No. 3: Bring Your Wedding Venue Checklist & Questions

Before you begin your site visits, take some time to write down the questions you want to ask while you’re touring reception centers.

Some of these questions you may already have basic answers for but, when you have the venue coordinator there with you, you can discuss these issues in greater detail. And, since you’re there, you can ask to see where the dressing rooms are, where the gift and dessert tables may go, and where the caterer will need to set up.

No. 4: Document Your Wedding Venue Site Visit Thoroughly

Don’t trust your memory to make your wedding reception venue selection. After you see a few facilities, they will start to run together in your mind. Even if you have the best memory in the world, document your visit with photos and careful notes.

As you’re making up your checklist of questions, make a list of the photos you want to take of each venue. For example, you’ll want a street view, a shot of the entrance, the parking lot, the restrooms, the dressing rooms, etc.

When you’re ready to make your final choice, you can truly compare “apples to apples” by reviewing your photos and notes of each venue, side by side.

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