Finding the perfect family reunion venue can be a challenge, as the options for northern Utah event spaces seem endless. And, without the venue, you won’t be able to move forward with much of the party planning.

So, how do you narrow down the list? To figure out which event venue is the right choice for your family reunion, look for the following essential features.

No. 1: Plenty of Space

Having enough space for your family members to mingle is important, and the reunion venue you choose needs room for different activities. After all, some people will want to sit and chat, while others may be ready for some fun and games. And, of course, you may have children running around. Look for venues that have expansive indoor and outdoor areas to ensure everyone’s comfort.

No. 2: Convenient Location

If most of your family resides in northern Utah, that’s probably the ideal location for your event. But, to make it easy for far-flung relatives to reach the family reunion, select an event space that’s easy to access – preferably one that’s close to the freeway. And, make sure the reunion venue has ample parking to accommodate all of your guests.

No. 3: In-House Amenities

Booking a family reunion venue that offers free use of the amenities you need for the gathering – such as dining tables, seating, centerpieces, and sound equipment – can save you money and time. If possible, choose an event space that offers catering and beverage service, like Aspen Landing. The more amenities your venue rental provides, the easier it will be to budget for and plan your event.

No. 4: Affordable Pricing

When comparing prices for northern Utah venue rentals, make sure you take a close look at what’s included. Some event spaces charge additional fees for various services, and you need to know this ahead of time. Finding an affordable family reunion venue is the goal, and you don’t want to waste time considering places that don’t fit your budget.

If you’re looking for the ideal northern Utah event space for your family reunion, consider Aspen Landing.

Located in scenic Taylorsville, Aspen Landing features gorgeous gardens and luxurious indoor areas, with room to accommodate hundreds of guests. Our custom-built event facility has nearby freeway access and dedicated parking. And our surprisingly affordable venue rental prices include a range of amenities, including tables and chairs, audio-visual equipment, linens and décor.

Plus, when you book your gathering at Aspen Landing, you receive the assistance of an expert event planner. For more information, or to schedule a personal tour of our northern Utah family reunion venue, contact us today.

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